Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam. Graphic design


Exhibitions,The Netherlands

Pulchri Studio, The Hague - solo and group

de Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague-  group

Het huis van de Fotografie, Rotterdam- group 

Gallery 44, The Hague-  solo

Galerie DNK, Dorst- group

Galerie Kiekkus, Deventer-  group

Galerie Polhus, Nijkerk-  group

Gallery Pand3, Philippine-  solo

Grachtengalerie, Utrecht-  group

Gallery Artfusion, Amsterdam-  group

Galerie de Ring, Epe-  solo

City Museum, Harderwijk-  solo

Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle-  group

Museum Thijnhof, Coevorden-  group


Exhibitions abroad

Castelet Excideuil, Excideuil,  France

Cello Factory, London, United Kingdom

The Mirror Gallery, Vicenza, Italie

Incubator Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

Foto Empauta, Tiradentes/MG, Brazil

Upcoming exhibition ‘Time Space Existence’ by the European Cultural Centre, Architecture Biennale in Venice 2023




033Fotostad, Amersfoort

Rotterdam Photo, Rotterdam 

Fotoempauta, Tirandentes, Brazilië 



Pulchri magazine

Postall art magazine

Inspirational artmagazine

Discarded magazine

Grote NL kunstkalender 2023


Honorable mention, international contest, Unlimited Grain Gallery

Award winning at  Business art centre/, Utrecht


Art member at “Pulchri” & “De Haagse Kunstkring”, The Hague

Associated with  “Stroom”, The Hague